Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

northern championships

A bit late, but I want to share some pictures from the northern lead championship and my recent training in Hamburg with you. Usually I don´t like to compete at lead competitions since it´s more about waiting and less about climbing a lot. For example, this time I spent the whole day at the competition only to climb three routes. But okay, I decided to compete and I was very happy to send the final route. One of the interesting events of the day was that Maude Bonzom also sent it and that’s the good thing, that we both did a good job. The problem with this was that the decision about first and second place was then decided by the results of the qualification rather than by the performance in the finals. The last time I competed at the northern lead championship it was the same, so I am a bit disappointed about the result but also happy, that Maud and I both just climbed well.
I am feeling very strong at the moment, since I have no injuries and I am very motivated to train on my Hangboard, with the Slingtrainer and Campusboard. Recently I participated at a performance test from the Youth Team of the FLASHH Boudlerspot. The group was very motivating and each of us pushed our limits by doing Pullups, Push ups, Muscle ups and so on. In Novenmber I will repeat this test and I hope to make some Progress till then.


Samstag, 20. August 2016

Frankenjura summer 2016

I spent a few weeks in Frankenjura trying old and new projects. The old projects I wanted to try felt very bad this time and the weather was very wet and warm. So I tried some new routes and decided to try Riesenslalom direct 8b at Püttlacher Wand. It was fun to climb this route because compared to my other projects in Frankenjura it is very long and I got into a good climbing flow. After a few attempts I managed to climb it almost to the top. During my attempt it began to rain so much, that the last few meters of the route were absolutely unclimbable. After visiting the Outdoor in Friedrichshafen I was happy to sent my first 8b in Frankenjura in the first attempt. Way more difficult for me was the Peacemaker, a classic from Wolfgang Güllich which is graded 7C+ and felt like 8a+. It took me three days to find a good solution and four days to send it. Unbelievable, how hard and pumpy two meters in a crack can be. Luckily I managed to climb it the last day of my trip. I was very proud to climb this beautiful classical line. First pics Riesenslalom direct, the following Peacemaker.

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

Funcup Hamburg and northern championship

My summer started with two competitions. The first one was the nothern bouldering championship in Bremen at the new gym "Boulderbase". I flashed almost all boulders in every round which was a very good experience for me and helped me to win the competition as well. Luckily the training in winter made me feel very strong. The second competition was the funcup in Hamburg. It was nice to meet a lot of nice people and to climb with them. I made the first place although I couldn´t top the final route, which disappointed me a bit. Now I am looking forward to climb in Frankenjura in Juli. That will be my summervacacion and I hope I will be able to use my good shape for some ascents. Enjoy the pics from Anna Stubbe

Sonntag, 24. April 2016

Spring 2016

The last two weeks of March I spent in Boux, France, climbing with the northern Rock Climbing Team. These were my first days of rock climbing this year and I enjoyed the sun and the great landscape. Boux is a very classic area with hard graded routes, that I found very demanding in a technical way. I couldn`t really find a project but a lot of nice routes with great views on the beautiful valley. The last days were spent in St. Leger de ventoux, which offers a lot of overhanging routes with Tufas, which are abolutely my style. I can really recommend to visit this area since there is free parking for vans, free toilets in the village and a great variety of routes. I am looking forward to returning to this crack in the future. After a week in Hamburg, that I spent working, I had the next oppotunity to visit a new climbing area. I met the Edelrid Team, which I joined lately, in the Maltatal in Austria. We had a few very busy days, taking pictures for the handbook 2017. I really enjoyed the time with the other athletes, which I found very nice. My next trip will be in May. Until then I will train in the gym with a focus on fingerstrenght in order to be prepared for my projects in Frankenjura. You can find a few pictures from Boux and Maltatal below. Yesterday I competed at the northern bouldering championships in Boulder Base Bremen. I had a very good day, flashing almost all boulders in all rounds and therefore won the competition. Fotos coming soon.

Freitag, 11. März 2016

What happened next?

After my trip and a few more weeks in Frankenjura in September it was time for me to settle down in Hamburg. I got my first job as psychologist and enjoy working with children and teenagers. It´s no fulltime job, so I took my freetime to work on my strength and my technique, focusing on shoulderpower and finger strenght as well as crossing moves, and jumps. Now I feel prepared for the first climbing trip to Boux in a week, where I will join the Felskader Norddeutschland. I am looking forward, to feel rock in my hands! From the clip you can get an impression of a few of my recent training Boulders as well as you can see a few pics of the Hardmoves semi final at Flashh Boulderspot in Hamburg.

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Autumn in Frankenjura

In September me and a few friends had a good time in Frankenjura. For the first time we visited some sights, like museums, castles and the Maximiliansgrotte. It was fun to see some parts of Frankenjura besides the climbing crags.
About the climbing: I used the time to visit a lot of new crags, searching new projects. Since I didn´t send one of them I am planning to use them to motivate me for training this winter, so that I can climb them next year. I sent Steep mud (8a pics below) wich has some reachy bouldermoves, that I really enjoyed and I sent my "long-term project" starlightexpress (7c) at Zwergenschloss (picture above). It took me more trials than any other 7c so far. I also visited some bouldercrags with Markus "Ixi" Ixmeier. He took some impressive pictures that you can find below. After travelling for almost two years I am now starting my training as psychotherapist in Berlin while working in Hamburg.